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We don't just tune your piano, we also set it up correctly by perfecting the touch and tone of each individual note - providing you with the best possible performance from your piano. Every piano needs to be tuned regularly so that it sounds its best and so you can get the most from it. 

Pianos can easily go out-of-tune. There are three main factors that cause a piano's sound to become distorted, dissonant and detuned. Firstly, extremes in heat and humidity can be devastating to the melodic tuning of your piano, degrading even the most professional and sturdiest of pianos into a woefully-tuned, unmaintained instrument. Additionally, playing your piano with a harsh force pressed onto the notes can damage your piano and cause it to go out of tune, as the hammers strike the strings with a force that wears them down. The last factor that causes pianos to become detuned is the natural tension of the strings, with each string under around 160 pounds of tension. Over time, this can start to cause faults in your instrument and can alter the tone and tuning of your piano.


So remember - to keep your piano well-tuned, don't keep your piano next to a radiator or log burner, introduce heat slowly into a cold room and don't play your piano too violently. As for the tension in the strings, there is nothing much you can do. That is why we are here.

Eventually, your piano will become detuned. Luckily, our specialist tuning services are here to help. If you have a piano that is in desperate need of tuning, feel free to contact us. We will send a professional and friendly member of our team to help you tune your piano so that it is pitch perfect once again. Our expert tuning service will not disappoint and you can always count on us to tune your piano to satisfactory standards.

Keeping your piano in tune is important for a number of reasons


When you are learning to play the piano it is important to have your piano tuned to concert pitch, so that you have a consistent tuning with your own piano and your tutor's piano.


One of the great joys of playing a musical instrument is playing with others, and if your piano is not tuned correctly and is tuned differently from all of the other instruments, it can lead to cacophony.


Pianos are designed to be set at concert pitch, and having the piano tuned either flat or sharp can cause problems to develop. In the longterm, you can protect your pianos life span by tuning it regularly and keeping it correctly maintained.


A new piano is a valuable investment, so it makes sense to look after it.


We have many years of experience with tuning a wide range of pianos, from beginner upright pianos to high-end professional grand pianos. Whatever your piano needs, we will be able to advise you and help you get the most out of your instrument.


Call us today to book a tuning or consultation.

A grand piano being tuned by one of our professional piano technicians
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