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A piano being French Polished by one of our professional piano technicians

London Pianos offer a unique French polishing service for antique pianos, which is the only polish finish that will add value to your piano.

French polishing is a long and laborious process which is best left to the professionals. It involves rubbing shellac (the main material used in French polishing) in figure of eights or circles over the cabinet of the piano and waiting for it to dry. This is repeated several times. We also use pumice in our French polishing to fill in any unwanted gaps and add to the glossy skin of the polish. Finally, as a final touch, the French polishing is complete with a sparkle of oil such as walnut or olive oil.


Our technicians use traditional methods of French polishing which will bring out the luster of the wood while also protecting it.

Our French polishing experts are highly trained cabinet workers, with an exacting eye for detail. We can guarantee that your piano is polished to high standards, with no area without polish.

French polishing can be a difficult feat and takes a lot of time. That is why our experts are here to help. We can bring your piano, grand or upright, into our workshop to be polished to peak standards by professionals, giving your piano a beautiful, graceful glimmer.

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