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Our sister company, Shackleford Pianos, provides piano hire across the UK, in areas such as London, Liverpool and Manchester - wherever you are in England, you can hire our pianos. Whether you require a piano for a wedding, a concert or any other performance, our expert technicians can deliver and setup the right hire piano for you.


They have a great range of pianos available for hire and will be happy to advise you on which piano is the right piano for your needs. Our hire pianos are well-crafted and look stunning. Each hire piano is perfect for any event whether you are hosting a wedding, a concert or performance of any variety.

Our hire pianos are kept in fantastic condition and are carefully maintained, making sure that your hire piano is beautifully tuned, regulated and ready for the big day. We will never disappoint and will do our very best to provide you with the finest hire piano services you will ever rely on.

Upright hire pianos start from £495 and grand hire pianos start from £595. All prices include VAT, matching piano stools, tuning and transport.

Shackleford Pianos is respected and trusted company when it comes to piano hire. Many famous and reputable clients have hired our hire pianos and have put faith in our hire piano services. Our clients involve big names such as -

  • Russel Watson

  • Suggs

  • Buxton Festival

And many more.

One of our top-quality hire pianos ready for an event
One of our top-quality hire pianos ready for an event 2
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