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Our full service workshop deals with every aspect of piano restoration, no parts are sent to external or third parties.


London Pianos specialises in restoring both modern and antique pianos, and the pianos we have restored can be found throughout all of Europe. Our team is made up of expert piano technicians that replace or rebuild every part, screw by screw, hammer by hammer.


Our team of experts continuously research traditional time proven restoration techniques, and we work closely with piano manufacturers so that we are up to date with the latest technical developments.


London Pianos offer superb piano restoration services, from English pianos such as Chappell or Broadwood, through to high end pianos such as Bluthner or Steinway.


Some of the piano restoration services that we offer include:

  • Full or part restorations for upright and grand pianos.

  • Rebuilding or restoration of the action.

  • Restringing of upright and grand pianos.

  • Ivory key restoration

  • Adding practice rails or sotenuto pedals to your piano.

  • Using traditional or modern piano finishing techniques to re-polish your piano

  • Changing the finish and colour of your piano to better fit your home décor.

Do you have a piano you want restored? Our services are here for you. We can bring your piano or piano parts into our professional piano workshop and start work on a specialist restoration. Your piano will look stunningly new and will be brought back to life by our restoration services. Contact us for more information.


Our restoration services are available throughout the UK and Europe. Our full restorations are guaranteed for a minimum of ten years.*

A grand piano being restored by our expert piano technicians
A grand piano being restored by our expert piano technicians 2

This is a Bluthner grand piano that we fully restored. It had previously been in a house fire, leaving it very badly damaged.

We work with many pianos that have been through similar damages - from floods to fires.

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