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Street Pianos

London has a number of pianos available to the public to play, in tube stations and other public spaces. If you know of a street piano to add to this list then please get in touch.

Marylebone Station

This upright in Marylebone National Rail station is lovely and not used very often - maybe a good option if you want to get some playing time. 

St Pancras, The Arcade

Situated next to the Eurostar entrance on the main shopping arcade, this great sounding piano is very well maintained by the station, and extremely popular with commuters passing through. 

St Pancras no. 2, The Arcade

There are three pianos in total at St Pancras International. This one is further down towards the trains, next to the MAC shop. 

St Pancras no. 3

This St Pancras piano is maintained by the station. At the moment it's located just by the Starbucks, overlooking the escalators that go down to the underground or up to platforms 11-13.

Crossrail Place West End Lobby, First Floor, Canary Wharf

This piano is amazing. It was designed by Stelios Manganis as part of Canary Wharf's Play Me, I'm Your's exhibition by Luke Jerram in 2015. 

Herne Hill

Featured in the film, this beautiful and unique piano was introduced to Herne Hill Station in 2012. It can be found in the underpass, just next to the flower shop.

Forest Hill

The Forest Hill piano is just by the station under the bicycle shelter. It was introduced as part of the 'Jack in the Box' community project. 

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